Assessment Services

Functional Abilities Evaluation

Useful in determining a client’s readiness to return to work after an injury, in making disability determinations, and in planning and monitoring an individual’s treatment and progress during rehabilitation.

Worksite Analysis

Includes an examination of the physical demands of a job and is accompanied by an analysis of the client’s medical status and capabilities in relation to the work environment, processes, and equipment.

Academic Assessments

Each assessment is followed by a comprehensive written report that identifies areas of academic strength and weakness, and outlines observations of potential performance-related barriers.

Vocational Assessments

A full test battery is administered by a certified psychometrist and a comprehensive report that includes labour market information is provided.

Psycho-Vocational Assessments

The assessment includes all tests shown above, and adds psychodiagnostic and intelligence testing to identify psychological factors and learning potential relevant to the reason for referral.

Neuropsychological Assessments

This type of assessment is typically administered to individuals who have known or suspected
acquired brain injury.

Computer Assessments

CareerQuest can perform assessments to evaluate a client’s functional abilities in a wide variety of
computer software applications.

Career Assessments

A career assessment is conducted in three sessions; intake, assessment battery, and a comprehensive feedback session.

Other Assessments

These other assessments are targeted to individuals who are considering options in the field of customer service and measures current knowledge in a number of related areas.