Education Consulting


Career Assessment

Assessments are the first and most critical step in the process as they provide valuable information relative to clients’ strengths, interests, and personalities.

Education Consulting

CareerQuest’s Educational Advisors provide educational consulting and guidance counselling services to assist students.


CareerQuest offers customized tutoring services delivered in-home or at any one of our four
GTA locations.

Education Planning

An educational plan ensures you maximize your productivity and remain on track to achieve all of your educational objectives.

Career Planning

Whether you are a student who is uncertain of how to reach your career objective, or someone looking to make a career transition, CareerQuest’s Career Planning service can help.

Psycho-Educational Assessment

This type of assessment aids in the identification of sources of academic difficulty experienced by an individual who is not suspected of having acquired brain injury.


Youth OnPurpose™

The Youth OnPurpose™ program assists students to identify a career goal early and organize their lives around its achievement.

Targeted Remediation

An effective program that can include life skills and task management training, coaching or mentoring, and even tutoring in targeted academic areas.

Task Management

Teaches students how to assess the importance of all tasks and organize them to ensure they are always productive and contributing in some way to their overall objective and purpose.