Train to Hire

Train to Hire is an innovative training initiative that provides clients with an opportunity to work and train in a potential employer’s organization with the benefit of daily support from an on-site job coach. This supported work placement together with a four-week employment preparation phase maximizes each client’s potential for securing paid employment. CareerQuest Inc. developed the Train to Hire program as part of our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective training options that result in a timely, safe, and sustainable return to work for our clients.

Program Benefits:

  • Unpaid workplace training in approved vocational goal with daily job coaching for a period of 12 or more weeks
  • Up to 10 hours per week of job coaching and on-site training scheduled with each client
  • Clients placed only with organizations that have legitimate hiring needs in the target vocation
  • Throughout the on-site workplace training, the host employer will complete report cards on the client’s ability to cope with job tasks
  • The job coach will assist the client to learn the employer’s proprietary workplace training material; this, along with vocation-specific material developed by CareerQuest, will also be assigned as homework
  • At program completion, the client will receive an offer of paid employment; if not, the referring case manager will be provided with clear recommendations for skills improvements that would enhance the client’s employability

Train to Hire works on the principle that an individual’s likelihood of securing paid employment improves significantly if he/she can demonstrate to a potential employer the ability to master job tasks. CareerQuest’s job coach attends the worksite daily to facilitate practical ‘hands-on’ training in workplace Essential Skills and actual job tasks. Along with helping the client master necessary skills, the job coach will also help him/her build relationships with managers and co-workers and integrate into the workplace. The job coach will provide support and strategies to assist the client to overcome barriers and maximize success in the workplace.

Who are Suitable Candidates for Train to Hire?

  • Individuals for whom there are limited training budgets
  • Clients who possess sufficient communication, literacy, numeracy, and technical skills but would benefit from assistance in mastering specific job demands and integrating into the workplace
  • Individuals who present with a lack of motivation to attend formal training or who would benefit more from on-the-job training
  • Clients who could benefit from assistance in dealing with barriers posed by a cognitive impairment or physical disability

Many clients benefit from workplace training geared to the specific needs of an employer because it tends to be a very practical ‘hands-on’ approach. The immersive experience of undertaking actual job tasks in a workplace maximizes opportunities to learn the Essential Skills of the job and shortens program timelines.

This program is offered only to clients sponsored by third party referral sources. It is not available to members of the general public.