Success@Work is a workplace Essential Skills training program that is designed to prepare students for the workplace quickly and cost-effectively. Modelled after our highly successful Career Partnership Program, Success@Work is comprehensive, dependable, and cost-effective.

It is comprehensive in that it integrates training in the nine Essential Skills as documented by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), together with the Conference Board of Canada’s Employability 2000+ Personal Management Skills and a workplace mentorship. These components combine to provide the student with all the necessary skills to secure and sustain paid employment.

It is dependable in that it measures a student’s progress using only the most reliable assessment tools available, including the Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES). The TOWES is recommended by HRSDC as a test that provides an accurate assessment of skills required by front line occupations.

It is cost-effective in that the focus on Essential Skills means students are required to cover less material than in traditional literacy programs, which results in shorter training timelines. However, the client will still receive the targeted service and supports for which CareerQuest is known: training in small groups, generous ergonomic supports, outstanding learning facilities, highly customized curriculum, and invaluable workplace supports that include job coaching and mentoring. How Success@Work Works:

Phase 1 – Essential Skills Primer

  • Only required for clients whose literacy is too low to participate directly in Phase 2
  • Practice of five Essential Skills areas through development of foundational literacy and numeracy skills – Reading Text, Writing, Document Use, Oral Communication, Numeracy
  • Assessment Tools Include: Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT), Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)

Phase 2 – Essential Skills and Employability Skills

  • Training in all nine Essential Skills as outlined by HRSDC
  • Personal Management Skills and Work Habits – Training in the personal skills, attitudes and behaviours that enhance employability
  • SafeAbility Training
  • Assessment Tools Include: Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES), Measure Up, Signposts, etc.

Phase 3 – Workplace Mentorship

Client is assigned a workplace mentor:

  • to provide mentoring and job-coaching in an unpaid work experience to improve employment outcomes
  • to develop a resume and cover letter for the client
  • to deliver workshops in class on a weekly basis to assist the client to overcome common workplace barriers
  • Assessment Tools Include: Ontario Skills Passport
This program is offered only to clients sponsored by third party referral sources. It is not available to members of the general public.