Career Partnership Program

CareerQuest works in partnership with employers from a wide variety of industries to offer a unique program that combines in-class vocation-specific training with practical work experience on a concurrent basis. The Career Partnership Program increases success rates because it is strategically designed to be a comprehensive solution. Upon successful completion of the program, the client will either be employed by the partnering employer or be competitively employable in his/her approved vocational goal.

How It Works:

This program is targeted to individuals whose return to work plans are geared towards entry-level positions and whose likelihood for success in a literacy upgrading program is limited. The client attends in-class training for three days per week and attends an unpaid work placement in his/her targeted vocation for two days per week. CareerQuest arranges for the work placement and surveys the employer in order to develop an inventory of skills necessary for the worker’s success. We then design a training curriculum to teach the required skills in class while concurrently monitoring the work placement and assisting the worker through job coaching and on-site consultation regarding workplace ergonomics.

Features and Benefits:

Job Analysis

In consultation with the employer, a representative from CareerQuest conducts an assessment of the worker’s role and responsibilities to develop a profile of the literacy and numeracy skills required. The training delivered in class is customized for the individual client and targeted to provide the competencies needed for success in the vocational goal.

Worksite Analysis

As well, a certified kinesiologist visits the worksite to conduct an assessment of physical job demands to ensure they are all within the client’s restrictions. The kinesiologist will make recommendations to maximize the ergonomic components of the client’s worksite and provide advice on proper body mechanics to be used while carrying out job tasks.


If ergonomic devices or assistive technology is required to accommodate the client’s needs, CareerQuest will provide the recommended interventions up to a maximum cost of $40.00 per month multiplied by the number of months in the worker’s program. Examples of the most common of such interventions are items such as ergonomic back supports, speech-recognition software, and magnifying devices, etc.


On a weekly basis, CareerQuest will monitor the work placement and address all barriers to ensure its continued success. A progress report is provided monthly.

Job Coaching

Where necessary, CareerQuest will provide up to four hours of complimentary on-site job coaching per month to assist the client with barriers experienced in relation to job duties, workplace integration, training issues, etc.

Program Length

The duration of CareerQuest’s Career Partnership Program will vary from client to client depending upon his/her current level of literacy and the complexity of the employment goal.

This program is offered only to clients sponsored by third party referral sources. It is not available to members of the general public.