Retail Sales Associate Program

This program is designed for individuals pursuing a career in the retail sales industry. It assists clients in acquiring Retail Sales Associate diploma through the Canadian Retail Institute, a division of the Retail Council of Canada.

The Retail Sales Associate Diploma training program is made up of 180 hours of in-class training over a 9-week period to provide successful candidates with a competitive advantage in one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada. Program components include:

Customer Service

This module leads student through the sales cycle: providing in-store customer service, making the sales, closing the sale, and providing after-sales service.


This module teaches the finer points of acting and dressing professionally, and working in a team with others.

Department/Store Aesthetics

This module teaches sales associates how to boost sales by improving the store appearance. Special attention is paid to maintaining stock and protect displays.

Inventory Management

This module explains how sales associates can expand their traditional roles and contribute to the monitoring and managing of inventory.

Protection of Company Assets

This module describes how sales associates can identify security threats and prevent less.

Program Length:
9 weeks in class
(20 hours per week)
Program Cost: