International Hospitality Diploma

Earn a Diploma in International Hospitality in Toronto, Canada. Improve your English in an international educational environment!

This program is designed for individuals looking for a career in the exciting and fast-paced world of International Hospitality. Get work experience in the Food, Culture or Entertainment Industries. Learn hands-on in work placements and learn the skills needed to be successful in the hospitality industry.

Skills Development

Develop your skills in accounting, customer service, employment, food and beverage management, human resources development, sales and marketing, work ethics, and management.

Work abroad, with experienced Canadian hospitality professionals in some of Toronto’s best hotels, casinos, country clubs, golf courses, entertainment venues, restaurants, resorts, sports arenas, and tourist attractions!

Endless Opportunities

With a diploma in International Hospitality, you will have the skills to make a restaurant, resort, hotel, or tourist attraction, a fantastic experience for customers. Learning the business of hospitality will help you stand out with local businesses.

Education in a multicultural city such as Toronto, will increase your awareness of cultural diversity, and your knowledge of global industry standards and practices for hospitality. You’ll attend industry-related events, helping you build a network of contacts. Every aspect of the program has been designed with input from the Hospitality Industry, ensuring you’ll meet international standards of excellence.

The International Hospitality Diploma training program is made up of 480 hours of in-class training over a 24-week period to provide successful candidates with a competitive advantage in one of the fastest growing sectors in the world!

Optional Internship

Apply your skills in an optional 3-month internship in either Toronto or choose to get international experience in locations such as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Havana, Cuba; Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia or Machu Picchu, Peru. Previous hospitality students who took the program, report it as being one of the most life-changing and fun experiences of their lives! Ask our Admissions Coordinator for more details and a Travel Plan.

Program Length:
24 weeks in class
(20 hours per week)
Program Cost:
$7,695.00 + tax

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