Clerical Accounting

Clerical Accounting Certificate program

The federal government’s National Occupational Classification profiles were used in the development of these vocation-specific training programs that are intended to prepare individuals for direct entry into the workforce. Through our partnerships with employers, these programs are often combined with work placements to give participants a competitive advantage.

This 24-week program is targeted to individuals who possess average or above average numerical skills and are interested in pursuing an entry-level position in the field of accounting. It focuses mostly on the development of computer accounting skills and includes training in MS Office applications, keyboarding, Simply Accounting, and QuickBooks. As well, participants are trained in basic accounting principles including:

  • Double-entry Bookkeeping
  • Maintaining General Ledgers
  • Updating Journals
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Financial Reports
  • Customer and Vendor Reports
  • Inventory and Payroll Reports
  • Project Reports
Program Length:
24 weeks in class
(20 hours per week)
Program Cost:
$9,000.00 + tax